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Photo of Ramses Vazquez

Ramses Vazquez

Ramses is a fourth-year social work major with a minor in healthcare administration at the University of Texas at Austin. Throughout his academic journey, Ramses Vazquez has taken on diverse leadership roles, serving as the treasurer for the Social Work Student Association, the mental health chair for the Zeta Psi Iota Alpha chapter, a healthcare enrollment navigator, and holding the position of Communication, Culture, and Sustainability Lead for Projects with Underserved Communities, among various other notable involvements.


Ramses has held a variety of roles, including a barista position, four summers dedicated to youth organizations across the country, an administrative role with the Steve Hicks School of Social Work, and an internship with The Arc of Texas. Ramses is ultimately pursuing licensure in clinical social work.  Ramses is bilingual in Spanish & English.

Ramses is cognizant of the growing concern regarding mental health and is dedicated to contributing to the effort to deliver quality mental health care to those in need.

In his free time, Ramses enjoys engaging in long hikes, powerlifting, attending music festivals, honing his culinary skills, reading books, and spending quality time with friends.

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