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Individual Therapy

All of our therapists are trained in evidence-based strategies to provide therapy to individuals who may be working on issues related to: anxiety, depression, PTSD/Trauma, grief & loss, life transtions and stress management, to name a few. 

Family Therapy

Many of our therapists offer family therapy. Working with the family system in therapy is often helpful to help families overcome major changes, explore dynamics, improve communication, and address any mental or behavioral barriers within the family.

Couples Therapy

This type of therapy involves exploring the fundamental skills and behaviors required to both build and repair intimate partnerships. Our trained therapists help couples explore values, conflict, communication, concerns, and expectations unique to each couple.

EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a powerful psychological treatment method that has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of conditions, including anxiety disorders, depression, and  psychological issues stemming from traumatic experiences.


All of our therapists offer "teletherapy" or "virtual therapy." Hundreds of our clients utilize this convenient way to connect with their therapist. No need to travel! All you need is a phone, tablet, or laptop to begin. Teletherapy can work for almost everyone- especially those with busy schedules.

In-Person Therapy

Some people think of this as the traditional method of therapy! Working in person with the therapist can be especially helpful for young kids and for those who prefer face-to-face in-person sessions. We offer in-person sessions at our South Austin office.

Specialty Services

  • Play Therapy

  • Professional Consultation

  • School-Based Services

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