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Photo of Dr. Elizabeth Portman Minne

Dr. Elizabeth Portman Minne

Dr. Elizabeth Portman Minne is not only Vida Clinic's owner and CEO, but also a licensed psychologist with an extensive history of providing intensive mental health services in inpatient and outpatient clinical settings. Dr. Minne has specialized training in school psychology which gives her a strong foundational understanding of navigating psychological matters in school systems.


She believes in building a highly individualized and meaningful experience for each of the clients she serves. Her approach to therapy is integrative, utilizing primarily a combination of Cognitive Behavioral and Interpersonal techniques with a strong emphasis on the cultural and social factors that have contributed to the individual’s life story. Most importantly, she aims to take a collaborative role in her work as a psychologist by adapting her therapeutic strategies to fit the needs of the person she serves.  


Dr. Minne's areas of specialization are anxiety, depression, trauma-related issues, autism spectrum disorder, women’s issues, multicultural issues, and working with larger systems. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Minne went on to complete her Master’s Degree at Teachers College, Columbia University and her Doctorate Degree at the University of Texas at Austin, both in Psychology.


The University of Texas - Austin
Columbia University - NYC

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