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Photo of Christiana Elling

Christiana Elling

Christiana moved to Texas from Michigan in 2019. With over 10 years of patient care experience, she understands the importance of being an advocate for both yourself and others in need. She studied at Saginaw Valley State University then transferred to University of Michigan to study Psychology with a minor in Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment.

Throughout her work in long-term care facilities and hospitals, Christiana has been patient focused and is consistently looking to ensure that patients are being heard and valued. Prior to moving to Texas, Christiana worked on an acute inpatient adult psychiatric unit at a tri-county hospital for 4 years. This experience opened her eyes to the effect that the stigma surrounding mental health has on the general population. This brought forward a passion of instilling the importance of both continuation of care and broadening of resources for those experiencing mental health struggles.

Christiana loves taking care of plants, birdwatching, running/walking outside, doing crossword puzzles, loving on animals, and curling up on the couch to read a good mystery or thriller

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