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About Us

Vida Clinic is a mental health clinic that partners with people and organizations to provide a range of high quality clinical mental health services. Vida Clinic offers individual, family, and group therapy, teletherapy services, and consultation services for professional organizations (schools, clinics, businesses).

Vida Clinic values people. We are constantly thinking of ways to enhance the therapy experience, deepen our community connections, and strengthen support for our team. With a focus in addressing mental health in individuals and organizations, the Vida Clinic team demonstrates a strong commitment to promoting our vision of making our communities dynamic & nurturing places that inspire each of us to live well. Through our systems-oriented and affirming approach to care, we help to de-stigmatize mental health issues so people feel comfortable getting access to the care that they need in order to live healthy, fulfilling lives. 


Our Story & Mission

Photo of Dr. Elizabeth Portman Minne

Dr. Elizabeth Portman Minne

In 2012, Elizabeth Portman Minne, Ph.D launched a school-embedded mental health pilot program at a single high school in Austin, Texas. By 2015, Dr. Minne's mental health agency, Vida Clinic, helped to expand this work into numerous other school communities.


As Vida Clinic continues to make strides in connecting people with the quality support they need, we partner with various organizations, schools and individuals to offer a menu of services that promote individual change through systems-oriented, evidence-based care.  Our goal is to provide access to high quality, culturally responsive, clinical mental health care for every child, adult and organization who needs it. 


Vida Clinic is a woman-owned business.


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