School Mental Health

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School Mental Health: A Menu of Services, A Customized Approach

Vida Clinic offers a menu of tiered school-embedded services that aim to support individuals as well as campus-system needs. Campus based programming is customized to fit within the campus culture, and implementation of services is planned collaboratively with school communities. We emphasize the importance of staff wellness as well as mental health care for youth in order to foster a healthy school environment. We enthusiastically welcome opportunities to bring these resources to campuses as requested. Services are determined through ongoing needs assessments, and all treatment is client-centered.  

Please contact us to learn more about our specialized multi-tiered framework of mental health support for schools. 


This report summarizes the Vida Clinic Austin ISD program and provides some quantitative academic and behavioral outcome analysis.



Organizations (such as schools) seeking: 

  • Quality of work life improvement
  • Trauma-informed culture development
  • Consultation services for staff members and teams by mental health professionals
  • Implementation of multi-session skill building and support services in small- group format
  • Application of evidence-based, trauma informed strategies for youth with complex behaviors